Most Common Problems With Mercedes Vehicles

Mercedes is one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, as you probably know. But, if you think that it is immune to the issues and malfunctions, you are wrong! Due to the pressure, this manufacturer must withstand (caused by the competition), they don’t have enough time to properly develop and test cars, therefore some issues do occur.

If you are a Mercedes owner, you should know that some issues are very common and they may occur at any given moment. Another fact we should mention is that older models, such as 115 and 124 are far more durable. They require less regular repairs, but they will need proficient car mechanics. Anyway, the most common issues include:

  • Rust

Rust is the biggest problem all cars have. It is hard to detect, it is expensive to repair and in more severe cases, the whole car may be ruined! One of the best service providers in the United Kingdom, garage Mercedes Essex claims that there are some tricks you can use. You should inspect the bottom part of doors, panel behind the registration plates, rear panels and front bumpers. If there is a small amount of rust is present, repairs are possible.

  • Engine mounts

Have you ever wondered why Mercedes cars are so comfortable and smooth? One of the reasons is the engine mounts. They are filled with oil, which is responsible for absorbing the vibrations and making the ride perfectly smooth. They must be replaced after 100.000 miles, simply because the oil seals will fail and the oil will escape the engine mount. Poor-quality parts cannot last more than 100 miles, so make sure you get the high-end spare engine mounts.

  • AirMatic suspension

Early Mercedes models, including the E and S class (the year 2000) had air suspension. This was the first time AirMatic suspension was installed in Mercedes cars, so it wasn’t fully developed. Because of this, it is prone to the damages and failure! Some of the most likely to fail components are air suspension bag and air compressor. Never buy cars with damaged suspension, because spare parts are expensive and hard to get.

If you have a Mercedes car, it is important to inspect all of these components on a regular basis. All issues are relatively affordable to repair if you detect them at an early stage. In addition, always use trusted service providers in order to get the best repair.