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Manufacturer Lamassu is ending 2013 on a high. The company has just announced the sale of its 100th bitcoin ATM, and more than 120 orders.

To mark the occasion, Lamassu has set up an online map of bitcoin ATM locations that will be updated as new units go live across the globe.

More than a dozen ATMs have been delivered so far, and the rest of the orders will be fulfilled by Spring 2014. Zach Harvey, Lamassu's CEO, said:

"We've had orders from all over the world. We will be shipping to 25 different countries, ranging from Canada to Kyrgyzstan. We've translated our user interface into more than a dozen languages including Russian, Chinese and Friulian. To me it's a testament to the global reach of bitcoin."

Lamassu started taking pre-orders for its first bitcoin ATM in August at a price of $5,000 per unit. The ATM has a relatively small footprint, it can process fiat to bitcoin transactions in under fifteen seconds and it accepts notes from more than 200 countries. More importantly, it is one of just a few practical bitcoin ATMs available today.

Earlier this month, Finnish company Bittiraha.fi installed the first permanent Lamassu ATM inside a Helsinki record store. Although bitcoin ATMs have popped up in several European cities before the Finns got their first unit, none of these were permanent installations.

Lamassu will demonstrate its ATM at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next Sunday. The company expects additional machines to be set up throughout Europe and the Americas over the next few weeks at some major cities, including: San Francisco, Atlanta and Seattle.

Bitcoin's very first physical step into Finnish soil was made in Helsinki, when Europe's first permanent bitcoin ATM was launched yesterday in a record store Levykauppa Γ„x, which is known to experiment with their marketing.

There are other companies that have introduced bitcoin ATM's in Europe such as the Swedish Safello and attempts in Slovakia and Denmark. There was even one at the Slush conference. However none of them were permanent and according to our data, this one is the first one in Europe.

Customers can now buy bitcoins for cash in the store with an exchange rate set by Finnish exchange company Bittiraha, who is also responsible for the installation of the ATM. The record store will also begin accepting bitcoins as payment and join the narrow list of stores and shops who accept this much discussed crypto currency in Finland.
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Major online retailer Overstock plans to accept bitcoin payments as early as the end of Q2 2014. Yesterday the rumour was officially confirmed by Overstock 's CEO and chairman, Patrick Byrne. The company had hinted its intentions in a New York Times interview in October and Byrne clarified that the online retailer is now just waiting for legal clarification before going ahead. With over a billion US dollars in annual turnover, Overstock would be by far the biggest retailer to accept the virtual currency as a method of payment. The e-commerce company made the decision just a few weeks ago, Byrne said, during a review of the retailer's information technology priorities for 2014.
Trade Bitcoin Now
The entrepreneur said that the company is not going to spend a fortune implementing the digital currency because for now the plan is just a trial. Overstock would closely monitor the use of bitcoin to assess whether to continue accepting it in future. The CEO underlined that the online retailer would be looking to hedge against bitcoin's huge price volatility with a clearing system that would convert it straight into dollars, safeguarding the company's profit margins.

However, Byrne said that he was "not in the least" discouraged by this week's sharp price drop of the crypto-currency. The CEO is known for his openness to bitcoin, though doesn't personally own any virtual currencies just yet. The e-commerce pioneer considers himself a believer in the Austrian economics school, which says that fiat currencies are fundamentally flawed because they are prone to inflation and manipulation from central banks.


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Lord megladon video isn't night vision as there are Shadows meaning it's just a green room or lens filter
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dude please explain why you talk like you do its strange
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Bro this dudes voice makes me wanna walk into oncoming traffic
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The way he talk sucks
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Your voice is creepier.
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"Kinda like an interactive version of the movie Saw" kinda like a real life version of the movie Hostel.(chillz voice)
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I absolutely hate how this fucker talks. Got damn
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New Phone Who This ?
Your overly obnoxious reading is definitely an act to get more clicks and keep buzz about the goofiness if it right ? Please say yes
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Your voooooiiiiice is anooooooyyyying.
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Am I the only one who annoyed with his voice ?

I am kidding πŸ˜‚

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Your a creep
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When it say u should never watch but u can’t
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why do you talk like that lol
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Dark Web!
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This guys voice
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Your voice makes me want to be in one of these videos
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Dude talk normal. You sound annoying.
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Your voice is on the dark web
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Did anyone translate the Binary code in the one video
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Take a wolf , Alligator and a gorilla



Also a lil extra for people who are afraid of hackers also 1 like


If you want more than one tell me and we will make a deal such as buy one get 3 free kinda deal

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You should change your voIce when making vidEOOOs. Who talks like thAAAAt. OMGEEEE
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Why is Lumpy Space Princess narrating this?
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Irritating voice
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oh gawd
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Is YouTube in the dark web...πŸ‘€ lol
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yo i actually wanna rip ur voice box out
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Zazkon Animations
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Haysus Crist
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guy sounds like a retard. stopped at 32 seconds
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I need a link to the darkweb
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he talks so slow it actually gives me anxiety
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Anthing off the dark web is 100% real the police or even trying to stop it soo yeahhh....
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Video's you should never watch.
Me: watches it

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He talks like the spongebob meme with all the random upper and lower case letters.
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Why you narrate like that?
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you talk like a gaylord
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Why can't I
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I want to know what he sounds like when he’s actually asking a question
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Is this like a joke?
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This narrators voice. I can’t.
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I can’t take this video seriously because of the way he emphasizes the end of his sentences
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Why are you singing your words? So annoying...
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This guys voice is fucked up
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Omg your voice is so boring and mundane
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sub to Rokin Roco2000
No one should watch this
No one
4 million people watch it

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Deep and Dark Web are wo different things , Chills.
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Bro fix your fukin voice use a voice changer or something Jesus Christ
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the narrator's voice is more creepy than the entire video
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The narration was so painful to hear. Why do you inflect the way you do??? T-T
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The way you talk lol
mack me in uncomfortable condition

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His Voice just give me creeps πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
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Every sentence is a question?
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Maize Mars
Best trends?
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"dark web videos you should never watch"

Proceeds to show and watch

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Put video on 1.75x to make it bearable
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Why you talk like Google translate
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Who here was able to translate the binary to English. I tried but it kept going by to fast for me to get it right without messing up.If you did, could you write what you got?
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Stephen Gobbeo
This guys voice is the only thing scary about this video
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Imma be honest number 5 is kinda funny cause if u really think about its just a guy wearing a Walmart Halloween skull costume in a dark room wiggling his head
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Everything is staged ....
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What a truly bizarre and annoying voice.
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Catalin Iannis
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Catalin Iannis
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