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Lasting :   7,21
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Comment from : Chills

Joe Tarplee
Lord megladon video isn't night vision as there are Shadows meaning it's just a green room or lens filter
Comment from : Joe Tarplee

dude please explain why you talk like you do its strange
Comment from : Andy

brent ayres
Bro this dudes voice makes me wanna walk into oncoming traffic
Comment from : brent ayres

The way he talk sucks
Comment from : Sa

Ashton Wilson
Your voice just makes me stop watching the video
Comment from : Ashton Wilson

Born to #PLAY
Please stop speaking !! That's creepier then the videos..
Comment from : Born to #PLAY

Your voice is creepier.
Comment from : Abz

Lukas Kelley
"Kinda like an interactive version of the movie Saw" kinda like a real life version of the movie Hostel.(chillz voice)
Comment from : Lukas Kelley

I absolutely hate how this fucker talks. Got damn
Comment from : AceHi808

New Phone Who This ?
Your overly obnoxious reading is definitely an act to get more clicks and keep buzz about the goofiness if it right ? Please say yes
Comment from : New Phone Who This ?

Your voooooiiiiice is anooooooyyyying.
Comment from : megadethmofo

Nor Dini Adriana
Am I the only one who annoyed with his voice ?

I am kidding πŸ˜‚

Comment from : Nor Dini Adriana

Callum Duke
Your a creep
Comment from : Callum Duke

Luckycat Fly
When it say u should never watch but u can’t
Comment from : Luckycat Fly

adi var
"Burger foot lettece "
Comment from : adi var

why do you talk like that lol
Comment from : CR BEATS

Luis Gamez
Dark Web!
Comment from : Luis Gamez

This guys voice
Comment from : HackFrauds

Your voice makes me want to be in one of these videos
Comment from : HiHowAreYa

Far Ka
Dude talk normal. You sound annoying.
Comment from : Far Ka

mortezaali mk
and you just watched...
Comment from : mortezaali mk

David Bonnett
Is that a computer voice.
Comment from : David Bonnett

Your voice is on the dark web
Comment from : Nitro3230

Dakota Siron
Did anyone translate the Binary code in the one video
Comment from : Dakota Siron

Take a wolf , Alligator and a gorilla



Also a lil extra for people who are afraid of hackers also 1 like


If you want more than one tell me and we will make a deal such as buy one get 3 free kinda deal

Comment from : C.I.A

michael timothy
You should change your voIce when making vidEOOOs. Who talks like thAAAAt. OMGEEEE
Comment from : michael timothy

RidhΓ΄ Jeftha
Why is Lumpy Space Princess narrating this?
Comment from : RidhΓ΄ Jeftha

James McComiskie
Irritating voice
Comment from : James McComiskie

philippe lederout
Change the playback speed to 1.25x you’re welcome
Comment from : philippe lederout

oh gawd
Comment from : ツC073pu57h1n9BBiEALツ

Claude Carriere
Is YouTube in the dark web...πŸ‘€ lol
Comment from : Claude Carriere

John Trunzo
yo i actually wanna rip ur voice box out
Comment from : John Trunzo

ujo ujoslav
Nice accent. It made me even more uncomfortable than those videos. Pretty annoooyyyiiing.
Comment from : ujo ujoslav

Adam Fox
I’m sorry but his voice makes me want to cry
Comment from : Adam Fox

Lucas Peacock
I seriously cant listen to this guy talk for 1 minute
Comment from : Lucas Peacock

Noah Steckman
Why u talk like dat
Comment from : Noah Steckman

prannath swami
Man your voice is also weieerd
Comment from : prannath swami

Zazkon Animations
10 Deep web vids you shoudnt watch

Vid: shows vid

Comment from : Zazkon Animations

DwalKs Adventure Land
I hate your voice,so you know
Comment from : DwalKs Adventure Land

Haysus Crist
Comment from : Haysus Crist

Haysus Crist
Comment from : Haysus Crist

Elder PUBG
And here I am watching it
Comment from : Elder PUBG

Ethiks Comedy
guy sounds like a retard. stopped at 32 seconds
Comment from : Ethiks Comedy

Chris Cardona
I need a link to the darkweb
Comment from : Chris Cardona

Sarah Meehan
he talks so slow it actually gives me anxiety
Comment from : Sarah Meehan

6.6 Chicago
Anthing off the dark web is 100% real the police or even trying to stop it soo yeahhh....
Comment from : 6.6 Chicago

Wouter Dorsek
Video's you should never watch.
Me: watches it

Comment from : Wouter Dorsek

Kevin Lurwick
He talks like the spongebob meme with all the random upper and lower case letters.
Comment from : Kevin Lurwick

Anyone who watched all of this is fd up

#6 kidney for sale

Gio Papa
Why you narrate like that?
Comment from : Gio Papa

Austria Lyric`s
you talk like a gaylord
Comment from : Austria Lyric`s

Laguna B7
Why can't I
Comment from : Laguna B7

Marco Serrano
The videos are good.. But the voice of narrator was not..
Comment from : Marco Serrano

Rain Rain
I believe your face as ugly as your voice
Comment from : Rain Rain

I want to know what he sounds like when he’s actually asking a question
Comment from : Owen

Rocco Segreti
Ok I really can’t stand this guys voice
Comment from : Rocco Segreti

Killian Mize
"you should never watch" me clicks and fast as I can
Comment from : Killian Mize

fabio turcios
Is this like a joke?
Comment from : fabio turcios

Made In 414
This narrators voice. I can’t.
Comment from : Made In 414

Adrianah Xoxo
I can’t take this video seriously because of the way he emphasizes the end of his sentences
Comment from : Adrianah Xoxo

Lalita Turnes
Why are you singing your words? So annoying...
Comment from : Lalita Turnes

Tom C.
This guys voice is fucked up
Comment from : Tom C.

ζ–ΉδΈ€ζ Ό
why you talk like this ??sounds like you were....that
Comment from : ζ–ΉδΈ€ζ Ό

Loki Denicolo
Please speak normally
Comment from : Loki Denicolo

MarveLuc 89
Omg your voice is so boring and mundane
Comment from : MarveLuc 89

sub to Rokin Roco2000
No one should watch this
No one
4 million people watch it

Comment from : sub to Rokin Roco2000

Deep and Dark Web are wo different things , Chills.
Comment from : Roxana24de

Makayla Keller
Bro fix your fukin voice use a voice changer or something Jesus Christ
Comment from : Makayla Keller

Banamali Ghosh
the narrator's voice is more creepy than the entire video
Comment from : Banamali Ghosh

Sarah Rayne
The narration was so painful to hear. Why do you inflect the way you do??? T-T
Comment from : Sarah Rayne

The way you talk lol
mack me in uncomfortable condition

Comment from : Julian

His Voice just give me creeps πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Comment from : MIKI MAWz

Every sentence is a question?
Comment from : CarrionKind

Maize Mars
Best trends?
Comment from : Maize Mars

"dark web videos you should never watch"

Proceeds to show and watch

Comment from : kaila

Teejayx6 πŸ”₯
Comment from : JoInkyAsSh7t

Bender Vision
Find the Clinton one
Comment from : Bender Vision

Joel Young
God your voice is annoying
Comment from : Joel Young

Ashley Elmore
Burger King foot lettuce
Comment from : Ashley Elmore

Jonathan Souder
I love your vis and that's it no more public mechis
Comment from : Jonathan Souder

Kim Handley
I'm more distraught at the dogs than the human infant.
Comment from : Kim Handley

Kim Handley
Why does the commentor talk like 😠
Comment from : Kim Handley

Saitama Sama
Comment from : Saitama Sama

Daniel Davis
You sound like a f...g idiot why you sound like that bruh...
Comment from : Daniel Davis

Maggie's Space
I have to speed up the playback speed because the voice 😩 I can’t
Comment from : Maggie's Space

Ronnie Aldridge
8:40....yup she fits just fine in that suitcase πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Comment from : Ronnie Aldridge

Ziad Marzak
Why dafuck you talk like that ?
Comment from : Ziad Marzak

Albin Eriksson NA3C
Number 1: burger king foot lettuce
Comment from : Albin Eriksson NA3C

Soul Slayer
Put video on 1.75x to make it bearable
Comment from : Soul Slayer

Enrico Carlino
Why you talk like Google translate
Comment from : Enrico Carlino

Creeps Draws
Who here was able to translate the binary to English. I tried but it kept going by to fast for me to get it right without messing up.If you did, could you write what you got?
Comment from : Creeps Draws

Stephen Gobbeo
This guys voice is the only thing scary about this video
Comment from : Stephen Gobbeo

Fad3_ Wither
Imma be honest number 5 is kinda funny cause if u really think about its just a guy wearing a Walmart Halloween skull costume in a dark room wiggling his head
Comment from : Fad3_ Wither

Cesar Barrantes
Everything is staged ....
Comment from : Cesar Barrantes

Mark Fox
What a truly bizarre and annoying voice.
Comment from : Mark Fox

Catalin Iannis
6 make you sure is true.. 100% believe me.. With organs.. People do it alot. In special on darkweb
Comment from : Catalin Iannis

Catalin Iannis
How this can happend.. To be selled on darkweb.. lmao
Comment from : Catalin Iannis

Catalin Iannis
Omg again you with you're voice .. Change it. Need change you're voice
Comment from : Catalin Iannis

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