What to do with the broken mirror?

The main recommendation of many people, an expert in mysticism is not to think of negative consequences, not to look for associations, to dismiss disturbing thoughts. Certainly, to trust or not to trust in a sign about adverse influence of the broken mirror is a personal choice. Everything depends on world outlook views of the person. However popular wisdom, centuries-old traditions of ancestors and common sense prompt what to do with the broken mirror to those who treat it seriously.

Elementary imprudence often becomes the reason that mirrors fight in the house where, actually, they also are in the majority. What to undertake in that case? Fragments of the broken subject need to be cleaned. A whisk or a brush sweeps away his small parts in a heap, and to cover larger with a piece of fabric or paper. The main thing not to touch splinters barehanded. It is not only about the danger to be cut, but also an ancient belief that the broken glass takes away the energy of the person. It is also capable of showing us pictures from the parallel world.

The place where were small splinters, clean thoroughly, vacuum and wash, and the remains take out in a trash can. Such can be a good quality, otherwise, there is a risk that small pieces will stay in it. If you are decided to change your current trash can into more quality one the http://www.trashthat.net/is the place that you need.

Larger pieces of the broken mirror carefully place under flowing water face up (trying not to look in them) as it washes away a negative. After the similar procedure, the large pieces of a mirror wrapped in fabric or paper are thrown out in garbage.

Pieces of the broken mirror never leave in the house. They contain negative energy and attract a trouble on the owner. It is better to get a new mirror in a frame. Purchase needs to be carried out till a lunch, with good, pleasant and positive thoughts, having left alarm and surely smiling. The broken mirror is not a problem, but small trouble.

Each skeptic will look at the abovementioned recommendations with a smile. Of course, it is possible to recognize their correctness, considering that the person himself programs himself and quite often indulges in wishful thinking. However even the most faithless won’t prevent to remember several simple rules. The mirror always has to be pure. It is capable of accumulating energy, and not always positive. It is necessary to look in a mirror with good mood and kind thoughts, smiling to the world and personal good luck.