What Your Birth Chart Can Reveal About You?

A natal or birth chart is a graph which clearly shows the position of the planets on the accurate time one was born. You will usually see a natal chart drawn as a circle. This circle represents you as a person. The horizontal line bisecting the circle represents the horizon line. Planets that are visible during your birth must be included above the line. On the other hand, the planets that are not visible will be recorded below.

Your birth chart may not solve your problems, but it will provide insights into your behavior. Similarly, it may guide you about the lessons in life that you will probably face. You may also be surprised to know regarding the hidden talents and potentials you might possess. A natal chart may also tell about your marriage, moving into your new home and the appropriate career you must choose. The skilled astrologers claim that a birth chart can also reveal about relationships and other related problems according to California psychics reviews.

Past and future

A person’s birth chart can show his past and possible future. The natal chart or horoscope is a composite of one’s talents, mental & emotional patterns, abilities and habits displayed within his existence. It is said to be the portrait of the astrological code of one’s past before his birth. Our history is also important because it can show the trends of present and future. Our creator gives us free will. It is like doing things that we want. Our potential future actions are deduced by the astrologer and only possible at any moment. One can exert his willpower to select the way against the recent biases, moods, and habits. Exerting effort to remove one’s annoying habits and to convert them to desirable ones will result in real changes that he wants to see in his life.

Things that can be seen in birth chart or natal chart

Family origin -This pertains to your parents and siblings’ qualities, about your childhood, status of your family and the education attained

Children– Their future career, traits, and health

Marriage– This includes the qualities of relationship with the partner

Homes, Finances– This may be about poverty, wealth or other condition

Travel– This may suggest if you have the chance to work or abroad

Education– It may be seen whether you are going to finish a degree or if your study may be interrupted

Career– It can also include the abilities, talents, jobs, employment status. Moreover, it can be seen if you are enjoying your job or not.

Health– It may not be ideal to tackle about one’s death, but it can also be seen in one’s birth chart. You will be guided about the illnesses you are about to acquire and the possible cause of death as well.

Current trends– Every personal detail is found in your natal chart so the recent happenings in your life can also be detected.

Astrology is indeed powerful because it can give people a hint about a certain aspect of life. We may have to contradict about its accuracy, but there’s no harm in knowing about the birth chart and the like. It may guide us about the better opportunities and the things to do to improve ourselves.