Boosting Soccer Viewership: The Rise of OTT Platforms

OTT Platforms Are Boosting Soccer Viewership

Soccer is still in a growth phase, so it’s important to keep the excitement alive. Thankfully, OTT platforms like Fubo and DirecTV Stream are making it easier to watch live games.

Televised soccer establishes a fluid sense of time space through the construction of border moments (screen wipe, frame, cut). These work in combination with commentary to formulate a visual narrative. 뽀빠이 tv 중계

OTT Broadcasting

Last year, there were 63 unique soccer competitions broadcasted in the US across 31 different channels. That number will likely increase as non-traditional media properties invest in the sport, looking to expand their audience base and capture more paid subscription revenue. Amazon, Twitch, and Facebook all have their eyes on the ball as evidenced by the recent securing of rights to broadcast domestic Premier League matches and 2021 NWSL playoffs.

The millennial-aged demographic is the target of many new OTT services, with sports content playing a major role in those offerings. Those services are now starting to catch up to traditional broadcasters in the number of rights secured.

It may not be long before a single broadcaster owns the rights to all top-tier English Premier League matches and combines them with a platform that offers dynamic graphic augmented reality that turns a soccer game into a real-time trivia game or social experience. Communal watching / virtual watch parties sprung up during the pandemic and will continue to be a popular viewing trend, but we’ll see more of these experiences integrated directly into the primary broadcast delivery in the future. 티빙 축구 중계

OTT Distribution

With the rise of OTT platforms, broadcasters now have an opportunity to distribute sports content directly to their audiences. This puts the power in the hands of those on the front line, allowing them to personalise the experience for each individual viewer – whether that be through adjusting the content feed based on real-time data, or by altering the UX pre-game, in-game and post-game to create an emotional journey that will attract and retain the most loyal followings.

This has given rise to a new type of sports media, with top club federations and OTT services investing in the production of unique content to engage viewers online. For instance, France TV Sport is using the OTT platform Wildmoka to extract and publish highlights from live video in close-to-real time for social media.

However, despite this special bond between OTT services and top soccer clubs, it is still difficult to see OTT services replacing traditional distributors. In the US, for example, OTT is only a minor part of pay-TV subscriptions, accounting for 8% of total time viewed. epl 실시간 보기

OTT Analytics

As the online video broadcasting landscape continues to change, so too must viewership behavior. While TV viewers saw a decline in numbers for this year’s soccer tournament, online and mobile streaming viewership exploded. In fact, according to Conviva, this year’s tournament saw 393 million streams across 59 different apps—more than double what was reported for 2014. With an ever-expanding number of streaming options, it’s no wonder that audiences shifted to these platforms. And while broadcast TV rights are still the largest revenue stream for sports media, OTT has emerged as the growth engine. This year, OTT was responsible for 43% of total viewership.